EYC promotes a fun, relaxing, comfortable and safe environment

for our members, visitors and charter guests


General Policies and Expectations of Members and Guests


Booking and Cancellations:

  1. EYC will reserve and confirm the date for your requested charter on ELITE100 upon receipt of an executed contract and deposit paid. The yacht and additional fleet will be blocked from booking availability to other potential clients at that time.


  1. There will be a 25% contract cancellation fee for Full-Day or Destination Charters for cancellations within thirty (30) days of the contract date.  The cancellation fee will increase to 50% if the contract date is a holiday. In the event of cancellation, EYC offers the option of purchasing a Gift Certificate for full amount of the booking which will enable you to re-book another charter at a later date. *The Gift Certificate has no expiration date.


  1. There will be a 50% contract cancellation fee for cancellations within five (5) days of the contract date.  In this case, a Gift Certificate is a recommended option to avoid paying the cancellation fee. However, you will still be responsible for paying the Captain’s rate as it appears on your contract.

Jetski/Water Toys

  1. EYC has two (2) Jet Skis available for rental (weekends only).  A minimum three (3) day advance reservation is required. Jet Ski(s) are rented by the hour at the rate of $100 per hour, with a two (2) hour minimum, plus $100 deposit.  There will be a late return fee accessed at $25 for every ¼ hour past return time. *Must be 21+ and provide a valid driver’s license or government issued photo ID.


Weather Conditions

  1. Our Captain and Crew monitor weather conditions daily in coordination with U.S. Coast Guard. In the event of severe thunderstorms and/or lightening conditions – your cruise departure may be delayed, but NOT cancelled. In the event of a category storm, tornado watch, hurricane, etc. EYC will notify you as soon as possible of the need to reschedule or cancel your charter without penalty.  Any decision to cancel a charter due to extreme weather conditions will be determined “at the call and discretion” of the Captain on duty or assigned to your charter. Refunds are processed within 3-5 business days of any cancellation.

General Boating/Event Policies

  1. EYC Members, their guests, and visitors are encouraged to relax, have fun and enjoy their ELITE100 boating experience. Recommendations and suggestions are always welcome!


  1. EYC aims to ensure safe, comfortable and non-threatening social/professional environment at all times both onboard and during our events.  EYC Members, their guests and visitors are expected to treat others with courtesy and respect. Any loud, disruptive, offensive behavior or disrespectful language reported or seen causing disturbance to ANYONE may subject the offender to be asked to leave the premises of our event or offboard the ELITE100 vessel.


  1. In the event EYC is forced to remove an individual from ELITE100 Yacht while visiting another marina or destination, EYC will NOT be responsible and will be held harmless for any actions or costs to the individual that may result from the situation or occurrence.


  1. EYC has the right to suspend or terminate a membership for violations of boating rules or actions that could create a risk to the safety of others and/or soundness of the club, vessel, members, marina property or incident deemed appropriate. Membership will be non-refundable.


  1. EYC is not responsible for any personal items or property claimed lost, stolen, left onboard, fallen/dropped overboard or left at an event venue. (including but not limited to, keys, sunglasses, jewelry, phones, i-pods, cameras, etc.)


  1. Your boating experience is important to EYC! Event concerns and/or complaints should be directed to the assigned Crew/Captain prior to the end of your event or departure, to ensure appropriate handling and proper response.  

Comments and Suggestions may also be sent to: admin@elite100yachtclub.com


  1. Cigarette smoking is NOT permitted while onboard ELITE100 vessel. *EYC reserves the right to make exceptions and/or accommodations for our members.


Food, Beverages, Wine and Spirits

  1. Food and Beverages, to include beer, wine and alcoholic beverages, are permitted to be brought and consumed onboard ELITE100. However, NO RED WINE may be consumed in lower Galley or Salon areas.


  1. EYC and Crew Members will strictly observe all State laws and regulations regarding serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages, including restrictions on service to minors under the age of 21.

16. In the event a person appears intoxicated onboard ELITE100, or during one of our events, EYC staff reserves the right to discontinue offering or serving alcoholic beverages and will take any actions deemed necessary and appropriate to ensure the personal safety of that individual and other guests.  EYC has a “Zero Tolerance” Policy as it relates to abuse of drugs and alcohol onboard our vessels.